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Claudiu Dobrita, ROMANIA

Creative on purpose.

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I am fearless so you don't have to be

Red Chili Pods


Hot ideas with immediate impact
and a strong aftertaste.

I have an unsatiable appetite for disruption: I think different and act upon it. There is no recipe for that, only a mix of ingredients called experience, hunger and attitude, with a hint of crazy on top. Tasting sessions open.

Piano B&W


Take my words for it:
music to your ears.

I think, therefore I write. Long copy, short copy, scripts, storylines, headlines, one-liners, between the lines.

Boxing Gloves


Best of both worlds.

Creativity needs strategy just like passion needs reason. When both hemyspheres work together, magic happens. That is why I back up creativity with purpose, sense and direction. Did I mention insight?

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"Hazard reported ahead".

Check out some of my work below.
Just a hint of what happens when you go bold with bold people.

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 A Political Science graduate, this failed diplomat has also been failing in advertising since 2002 in more than just one market. Prior to achieving shame as the CCO of FCB Bucharest, I have successfully made a fool of myself in Leo Burnett and Grey, with an international leap of faith as CD @Ogilvy Prague. To everyone's surprise, this brought me and my teams some awards and shortlists from funny people in awkward juries such as Eurobest, Cannes Lions, The New York Festivals, Golden Drum, PIAF, Clios, Internetics, EACA, Webstock, Effie, EuroEffie as well as the locally insignificant Ad'Or, AdPrint and FIBRA. Crazy enough, those people invited yours truly back to join them in the ludicrous act of judging others' talent in ADC*Europe, Golden Drum, Eurobest and New York Festivals.
Last year's FIBRA local awards show brought a Grand Prix, two golds and two silver useless door stoppers.
Former VP of ADC*RO (2015-2017), I have been teaching generations of clueless millenials since 2012 in the ADC School for young creatives.
In love with my wife Roxana, my daughter, Mara, literature, cheese and drums.
Claudiu Dobrita, 39, I fear nothing.

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Congratulations, you've stayed till the end. Coffee on me.
Only note that I am the kind of guy who thinks latte is the Italian for milk, not the American for coffee.


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